Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our Event! A Giveaway! New From Amy Butler!

It's an EVENT weekend at the store this week and we are so excited to have Sue Ellen Kostroski here and ready to help us make Military Cards (free of charge to you!) and then also a beautiful sewing machine cover using lots of techniques on different machines! It's truly an opportunity to experience what several machines can do when working together on one project! 
You can read more about the event here!

Yesterday, Peggy lost her mind!!! Okay, no, not really, but being the generous woman she is we posted on Facebook that THE FIRST THREE people that currently have the Letterworks 2 software can come in and get Letterworks 3 upgraded for FREE! You must bring in your current CD! Claim your new software now!!!

And, lastly, we wanted to leave you with this Amy Butler eye candy where Amy is giving you a preview of the new lines to be released at the International Quilt Market this year! We cannot wait to get our hands on her re-release of some of our favorite Amy Butler fabrics and new patterns to carry in-store!!! Enjoy!