Monday, October 14, 2013


If you missed the opportunity to learn about the amazing new Embroidery Works Software last month with Brian Bailie, we have the perfect event for you. 
On Saturday, October 26th, you may sign up for classes that will unlock the secrets of one of the most user friendly new tools to enhance your embroidery!     From 10 – 12 the class will introduce Embroidery Works  Everyday which gives you some of the most frequently requested tools like resizing designs to a much greater degree,

switching from satin stitches to fill stitches, reviewing the density of a design,

Finding and removing hidden stitches, combining multiple designs, and merging designs and fonts.

Did you know that this software also allows you to create over 100 applique shapes that work seamlessly with the AccuQuilt GO! Fabric cutter?  This is a great first step in embroidery software.

If you are looking for these features along with some more advanced abilities, you should also come to the afternoon class from 1:30-3:30.  Embroidery Works Advanced adds even more great features like a stitch editor which allows you to split, move, insert or delete stitches.  The font importer, a feature we have all been waiting for, allows you to quickly import lettering files and use them as though they are built-in fonts! 

For more fun and creativity, you can also repeat designs quickly and easily or arrange them in a circular Carousel path!

If you have been confused about what software you might need, don’t miss this event!  The only cost is a $15 reservation fee.  Give us a call so we can save you a spot! (803) 936-1251