Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lunch Box Quilts?

      To all of our amazing Quilters, we have a question for you! We are dreaming up some fabulous events for the future, (even through 2015) but we really need your help on this one.  Many of you are familiar with Lunch Box Quilts.  If you are not, we want you to check out their website so you can give us some feedback.

        Her designs are so much fun and they incorporate machine embroidery applique.  If we schedule one of her fun workshops in the future, it will cost about $300 per student.  This would include the quilt pattern, embroidery designs and the quilt kit and lunch, and students would even get to select which quilt they want to make.  But this is still a large investment, so we would value your opinion.  Would you participate? Do you think there is enough interest in our area? Please let us know what you think!