Friday, July 25, 2014


What a treat to have our sweet Kids Camp participants this week! They sure have been busy! Today was their most challenging project yet...a drawstring backpack. Look how cute they turned out!
We just so happened to have an embroidery machine handy so they could personalize them. They worked hard and did such a great job.  We are incredibly proud of them. Today they had the added bonus of Lori Hernandez of BabyLock to guide them in their project. (We will get to enjoy her class for grown-ups tomorrow) Our sweet, Heather, has been with them all three days.
            One of the fun surprises was getting to meet their family members, like young Thomas.  He is eleven years old and has started his own business!  We were so impressed we wanted you to meet him.
Thomas is holding up a bag of his home made dog treats. They are made with whole grain, whole wheat and they are preservative-free.  Pretty impressive! We feel like that kind of entrepreneurship deserves a pat on the back. You can contact him through a filtered email account (smart parents)

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