Thursday, April 4, 2013

Painting with Bernina Sewing Machines! You have GOT to see this!

Last week, several of us Creative Sewing employees had the TIME of our lives trying out the new Bernina PaintWorks Tool! We would LOVE for you to come in store and check it out, too!

Bernina is known for their awesome feet, but to think that they've come up with a way to PAINT with markers and fabric pens, CUT FABRIC, PLACE CRYSTALS on your fabric, papers, TILE, and more! It just blew our minds and really got us excited here at Creative Sewing!

We tried out the PaintWorks Pen tool, a foot that attaches to your Bernina Embroidery machine, uses a unique paint software called Designs Works which allows you to turn your embroidery designs into paint designs, and we got started!

Check out this little video we made for you!

And another little quick video!

Amazing, huh!?

If you're wondering what pens we are using in this video, the edding Textile pens work great and are permanent on fabrics!

Imagine the fun fabric making you could do with our beautiful wall of solids!

Come in anytime to see how this works on the Bernina Embroidery Machines! It's taking "sewing machines" to new heights and we love it!